Our fixed fees for Family Law Services.

Family Law


For undefended proceedings we charge £575 + vat and disbursements if you’re the person filing the divorce (the petitioner). The mandatory disbursement for the petitioner is the court fee which is currently £550, but you might be exempt from paying this if you’re on a low income. If you’re the respondent (the person being served with the divorce) it’s £300 + vat.

We offer initial advice for a fixed fee and dependent upon the length of the meeting will be £175 + vat or £250 + vat. This would be followed up by a letter to the client confirming all advice given at the meeting.

We do adult change of name deeds for £125 + vat, which includes certified copies. The deeds for children are more complex as there is usually more than one adult with parental responsibility and can often require a court application. Such will need to be done on hourly rates as above.


Work around separating couples who have cohabited, for their financial negotiations or around their children’s arrangements will be done on an hourly rate, £175 + vat or £250 + vat.


Court proceedings for a financial order can be expensive so it’s wise to try to negotiate first. Alternative methods of negotiation, such as mediation and collaborative law, can help and are usually more economical than going to court. Generally, court proceedings cost in the region of £5,000 but this very much depends upon on the complexity of your situation, so it could be lower or even higher than this. That said, we’ll always discuss the most cost effective way to resolve the situation in order to keep your costs proportionate.

Child Contact

Legal Aid is still available in respect of family matters, however, it’s limited to individuals who are able to demonstrate that they’ve been a victim of domestic abuse within the last five years, and that the instigator of the abuse was the other party. Legal Aid eligibility is also subject to a full means assessment. We offer a free initial telephone consultation in which we can offer you further information in respect of the process and costs.

For a more specific discussion about your circumstances, we offer a half hour appointment for a small fixed fee. We also offer competitive private rates, which include unbundled services that can be tailored to meet your needs and budget if you need additional help.