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Property Finance

Russell & Russell acts for both borrowers and lenders on all legal aspects of securing property finance. From re-mortgaging existing stock, to investments, to buy-to-let, we can provide tailored legal advice to suit your requirements.

What do I need to do when buying a property?

If your purchase is being funded by the bank, you’ll normally need a full set of searches – local and environmental etc. If the acquisition is being funded with your own capital, we’ll take instructions on your requirements, however, we would always advise that you carry out searches to avoid any unforeseen problems.

How do I include conditions in a contract?

You should notify your solicitor about any “deal breakers” to your agreements. This can be anything from agreeing to purchase a property as long as the current tenant has moved out by a certain date to outlining specific rights of access.

How quickly can a completion take place?

We work closely with our clients to ensure their target completion dates are met, but it pays to be realistic about how long the process will take, especially if any unforeseen issues crop up that need to be resolved before you can move in. We’ll keep you notified throughout the process.

I’m selling my property, what do I need to provide a solicitor with?

You need to inform your solicitor of any outstanding mortgages or if there are any leases or licences on the property as well as providing all relevant licences, EPCs, consents etc. Also, are there any other occupiers in the property or any other information relating to it?

What if I anticipate future development on my property by house builders, for example?

If there’s a concern and you want to ensure payments in the future, we can outline your options with regard to overage.