Growing Popularity of Online Will Writing – What Does It Mean?


Recent research has shown that there is likely to be an increase in contested probate cases as the popularity of online Will writing surges.

It has been found that consumers often mistake whether their affairs are ‘simple’ or ‘complex’. Factors that determine this include marital status, children, assets, business ownership and overseas property, amongst other things. Many presume their affairs are ‘simple’ when the likelihood is that this is not the case. Most online wills are unsuitable for complicated circumstances, but 65% of consumers believe their Will writing is simple, have complex circumstances.

Online Will Writing Providers

Unfortunately, the Wills market remains alarmingly unregulated, meaning if something goes wrong, it also often goes unnoticed. This is partly due to a lack of consumer understanding alongside decreased cost in comparison to using an SRA approved Solicitor. Hypothetically, years down the line, when the Will comes into action, and there is an issue, the family of the person that made the Will would have no authority to complain to and no legal right to any compensation.

The research carried out by Funeral Solution Expert found that as many as 23% of the customers failed to either read or understand the terms and conditions, which state that many providers limit their liability to the price paid or more. Often, this information was hidden in the terms and conditions rather than being highlighted in the sales process.

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