How To Speed Up Conveyancing


What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing can evoke a range of emotions. It can be overwhelming, exciting, and confusing.  It can also be time-consuming. There are many aspects to consider, including the financial arrangements, regulations and legal matters. The experienced and dedicated solicitors at Russell & Russell Solicitors can help you with your conveyancing process, ensuring it is done with a high degree of comfortability and making sure the matters are dealt with smoothly and swiftly.

The literal meaning of conveyancing is the transfer of property from one owner to another. A vital element of conveyancing is the exchange of contracts, where all parties involved are legally bound to proceed on the agreed terms of the transaction; the deposit is paid, and the date for completion (when the move is made) is finalised.

There are many legal and administrative tasks to undertake before the exchange of contracts is complete. One must consider that each transaction varies regarding the specifics of a case; the concept of conveyancing is the same, but no two cases are the same. The advantage of working with a reputable conveyancing solicitor is that they can carry out all the legal and administrative checks and translate the terms of the contract in an easily interpretable way, avoiding the confusion that comes with legal jargon.

A conveyancing solicitor typically acts on behalf of the buyer and the lender. The lender's conditions in the mortgage offer must be met before requesting funds for completion. Our residential property solicitors urge clients to check their mortgage offer and ensure that any conditions are dealt with as quickly as possible, enabling a speedy transaction.


How has the Conveyancing process been affected by COVID-19?

The pandemic has led solicitors, agents, lenders, and other legal professionals to report a surge of work which has a knock-on effect on institutions like the Land Registry. This is partially due to the increased demand resulting from the Stamp Duty holiday and the challenges of operating within the social distancing policies.

How can I speed up the conveyancing process?

We acknowledge that the conveyancing process can take a lot of time. It can be frustrating, but the conveyancing team at Russell & Russell Solicitors have listed some tips below on how you can speed up the conveyancing process.

1. Communication 

If you want your conveyancing process to be as straightforward as possible, then you must bear in mind that communication is key to a speedy and efficient conveyancing process. Our property solicitors will ensure that our communication with you is as prompt and efficient as possible. Your conveyancer is also available to answer any questions that you may have. To get in touch with our solicitors, please call us on 0800 103 2600 or make an online enquiry.

Once you appoint your conveyancer, you should outline your preferred method of communication to them. If you would prefer an email to phone calls, you can let them know.

You should also keep track of your documentation by scanning and emailing any documents to your solicitor rather than depending on the post, and this can make for a quicker conveyancing process.

2. Provide your instructions to your conveyancer or lender as soon as possible

By ensuring that you plan ahead, you will inevitably find yourself in your new home sooner. We recommend that you take the following proactive steps: -,

  • Prior to searching for a property, get an Agreement in Principle (AIP) from your chosen lender.
  • Make sure you appoint your conveyancer as soon as your offer has been accepted and ensure they are on your lender's approved panel.
  • Once your solicitor is instructed, make sure you prioritise the provision of the identification and other documents they will need from you for Anti-Money Laundering checks and make prompt payment on account of your search fees.

3. Buying and selling at auction

You are guaranteed to speed up the conveyancing process by buying or selling at an auction.

The traditional method of an auction is a process where the buyer and seller exchange their contracts immediately and overall have up to 28 days for sale completion.

The modern method is where the buyer pays a non-refundable reservation fee, and when their bid is accepted, both sides have up to 56 days to make any amendments and agree on the terms of the contract, then complete the sale. Although this is longer than the traditional method, it is still much faster than standard property transitions.

4. Get your documentation sorted out as early as possible

Sort out all your documentation early!

When selling a property, you should ensure that your documentation is at hand as soon as you put your home on the market. 

The buyer's conveyancer will require the following:

  • Planning permission and building regulations approval for any work that has been done
  • An up-to-date EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Building warranties or an NHBC certificate if the house was bought as a new build.
  • Any guarantees, such as for damp proofing, UPVC double glazing or integrated appliances.
  • Any indemnity policies obtained when you purchased the property.
  • If you have any old title deeds and sundry documents, these might also be useful in answering any queries.

5. Complete the process efficiently, effectively, and quickly

After you have appointed your conveyancer, you should request that they send their documentation to you at initial contact. 

You will need to provide your conveyancer with proof of identification and any other documentation they request. The sooner you do this, the faster the process will be. Firms will generally require full anti-money laundering checks to have been completed before they will progress matters.

You should also be sure to contact the seller's estate agent to provide your conveyancer's details, as well as your own agent’s if you are selling a property.

Check that your conveyancer has everything they need to proceed and if you have any queries, be sure to raise them as soon as they pop up. With any enquiries that are raised by your conveyancer where your input is required, be sure you respond promptly.

Specialist Conveyancing Solicitors 

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor to help you with a residential property transaction, our experienced team can help you. We offer efficient, convenient, and cost-effective conveyancing services to clients across Bolton, Atherton, Bury, Chester, Farnworth, Horwich, Middleton, and across the North West.

We are a long-established law firm, and our business levels have steadily increased in recent years. We completed over 8,500 property transactions in our last financial year to the 30th of April 2019, and a high percentage of those transactions were for past clients, their family or friends and other recommendations. We have retained the traditional values of the High Street to serve our local community and undertake work throughout England and Wales as news of our reputation has spread. We have also embraced technological advancements to improve efficiencies and the speed of transactions.

To find out more about how our highly recommended conveyancing solicitors can help you speed up the conveyancing process, call Russell & Russell Solicitors on 0800 103 2600 or make an online enquiry


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