Road Safety Week 2020


Road Safety Week is coordinated by the charity Brake. Every year, millions of people around the UK take action for safer roads. Join in and together we can make roads safer for everyone.


Russell & Russell are proud to be supporting and taking part in Road Safety Week 2020 (16-22 November). Which focuses on the what, the why, and the where of speed, because whether you’re walking to school, riding on a country road or driving for work, the speed of traffic matters to your safety. With someone injured on a UK road every four minutes, and vehicle speed playing a part in every crash, it is time to come together to say that there is NO NEED TO SPEED.


Why is speed so important?


When it comes to road safety, speed matters. In a crash, 1mph can mean the difference between life and death, but we know that people still regularly break speed limits or travel too fast for the conditions of the road.

The formula is simple: the higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance, the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury.

At Russell & Russell Solicitors, we understand the effect a road traffic accident can have on your life, if you would like advice following a road traffic accident, you can speak to one of our specialists who can provide expert legal guidance in a clear and sensitive manner. Contact us on 0800 103 2600 or make an online enquiry.

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