Miss C – Family

"Ceri Jones is a very professional, helpful person. I was happy with the way she explained the case to me, with sensitive, friendly approach, without prejudice."

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Mrs N – Family

"From the first conversation I had with Stacey on the phone, she instantly put my mind at rest and went above and beyond all my expectations. I had total confidence in her at all stages. 

"I cannot think of anything that Stacey could have done better and look forward to working with her again in the near future - she is a great asset to your company and deserves much praise for her professional and friendly manner, speedy response to questions and a genuine caring attitude. Many thanks."

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Mr W – Family

"Excellent solicitors. Briefing with Rebecca, mainly with Donna who has been professional, easy to talk to and very efficient. Thank you so much."

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Mr D – Family

"The service provided was of a very high standard."

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Mr O – Family

"I was kept well informed, by email, as requested and will certainly recommend Russell & Russell."

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Mr A – Family

"Thank you to Russell Russell. Ms Hillary Farren and Cathryn MacLean; your work and support over the last 6 months will never go forgotten. Everything worked out as I hoped. A very helpful and professional service and highly recommended in all family matter cases." 

Ms H – Family

“Was very understanding with me being disabled. Was totally on my side. Good at her job.”

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Mr G – Family

"Very professional and friendly."

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Ms A – Family

"… the staff were very caring, understanding and very helpful… it was easy to make contact… the staff were brilliant. Many thanks, bless you all.”

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Mr L – Family

“This has truly been some of the darkest, most stressful times that any of us have experienced and it’s been a massive help knowing that we have had the right people behind us not only working for us, but also wanting the right thing to happen. For two and a half years this has been our life and thanks to you all, this has now finally come to an end - and the right end too.

"In times as difficult as these your expertise and passion in helping us in and out of the Court room really made a difference. Any question or uncertainty was clearly answered and left us with no uncertainty as to what was going.

"When we walked out of Court it seemed like we were walking out into a different world than the one we went into the Court. From all of us, thank you.”

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Mr I – Family

"A fantastic result. Good work by all. Special thanks to Donna Leigh."

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Mr W – Family

"Donna Leigh - a very pleasing combination of competent professionalism and a warm human touch."

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Mr H – Family

“A fantastic result. Good work by all. Special thanks to Donna Leigh.”

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Mr W. – Family

"Donna Leigh: a very pleasing combination of competent professionalism and a warm human touch."

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Ms G – Family

"I can't thank Jane Welch and Salim enough for everything they did for me during my child custody case they always believed in me from day 1 even though I had historic drug use going back 23 yrs and promised if I put the hard work in they would make sure my baby came home to me by the end of the proceedings I was always kept up to date with everything that was going on and on Tuesday they won me back custody of my 7 months old son I'm so happy I would highly recommend using them."

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Mr P – Family

"Your firm is just more than a firm of solicitors. You are all really fantastic people." 

Ms M. – Family

“Russell and Russell Family Law team recently helped me in a COMPLICATED care proceedings case. They were swift, professional and on spot. I am not the easiest of mother to take instructions from, however, Jane constantly maintained a high standard of work for me and eventually did all within her power to get me a victorious outcome against the Local authority!! I at times got lost in telling long stories in preparing my witness statements but Jane always said “little is more....” and l didn’t always like it but l am so glad l took her experienced advice because it proved so vital and life saving.THANKYOU THANKYOU so very much.”

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Mrs C – Family

"Difficult for me living in Spain but had help whenever needed and would recommend Pippa and her team to anyone seeking divorce."

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Mrs T – Family

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for all you have done for me since I set foot in your office in mid February. I was very nervous as it had taken me nearly 5 years to decide to go for a divorce. You have been so kind and patient throughout the process. I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you for your understanding of my case and understanding me and sorry if I had the odd 'wobble'.

“This is a life changing moment for me. The transfer of the house went through… with Michele Benson who has also been very kind. I now have financial security in the form of the house for my future and the boys future. I also feel liberated that I am no longer married… and can now move on with my life.

“You have made this happen for me and I am extremely grateful to you.”

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Ms I – Family

"Thank you for all the support and help you have given me throughout my divorce, you made what was a stressful period seem straightforward and easy!"

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Mrs W – Family

"Everything ran smoothly and quickly and I found Sarah and Russell & Russell to be professional and very helpful - very pleased!"

Mr D – Family

"Definitely I would recommend anyone to get help from your Russell & Russell legal services"

SH – Family

"I would just like to say how very pleased I am with the outcome of the final hearing on Wednesday…Thank you all for doing a great job for me and my child."

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