Mr H – Crime

"I'd like... to thank Mr Liston, he is very good at his job and makes things very clear and very fair. I'd also like to take the time to thank the solicitor who covered for Mr Liston on the day. Mr Leather is is very polite and immaculate at his job....Once again thanks to all the staff, receptionist, Russell and Russell, yous are all specialist at what you do."

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Mrs D – Crime

“We just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help and guidance over the last 12+ months with regards to John’s case.

“You were always so thorough and comprehensive and we feel the good outcome for John stems from your hard work and expertise.”

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Mr B – Crime

“All staff at Russell and Russell Bolton/Atherton were amazing. They corresponded with other professionals at Sunderland. Kevin is fantastic, he liaised well with all parties to get the best outcome. Fantastic support and understanding of the whole situation. Thank you so much.” 

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Mr K – Crime

"I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for your exemplary performance in addressing my conviction, through call-backs, transparency & correct assessments of outcomes; and-through Kevin's procession - retrieving the most benevolent outcome of conditional discharge… Writing to yourselves roughly one month afterwards allows me to fortify the fact that because of your achievements, I have the means to progress in my health, professional, financial and social matters in a far better position, albeit slowly. There will be no doubt in referring yourselves as recommendations to my colleagues in the North West with regards to criminal Solicitation in the future should the need arise."

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