Our fixed fees for Wills and Probate Services.

Wills & Probate


We charge from £550 + vat to obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration in order for executors or administrators to be able to deal with the administration of the estate.

Key stages of what is included in our pricing:

  1. Preparing the relevant HMRC forms and Statement of Truth from the probate valuations obtained by you
  2. Placing statutory advertisements (if required)
  3. Carrying out a Certainty Search if required
  4. Helping you to ensure that the relevant HMRC forms and Statement of Truth are correct and suitable to be signed
  5. Lodging your application for the Grant of Representation at the Probate Registry
  6. Providing you with the Grant of Representation and sealed copies

If there’s no will, we may need to trace beneficiaries - the people who are to inherit the estate. We may need to identify if the person who passed away owned any stocks or shares and we may even have to investigate the possibility that there is a will, but no one actually knows where it’s being held. These costs are outlined below:

For share/stock holdings
One to three share holdings: £100 + vat
Three to five share holdings: £250 + vat
Six plus share holdings: £300 + vat

For beneficiaries
Three to five beneficiaries: £100 + vat
Six plus beneficiaries: £250 + vat

Other charges to consider are called disbursements. These are compulsory charges related to administering the estate that the government levies.

  • Probate court fee: £273
  • £1.50 for each copy of a grant of representation (grant of probate or letters of administration) required

You may have to pay other disbursements, such as:

  • accountant’s fee for any income tax return
  • asset tracing
  • a certainty will search (a will that needs to be located)
  • a statutory advertisement fee to advertise for unknown creditors
  • any loss of shares certificates or share registrar
  • the stockbroker fee for sale of the share(s)

Any or all of these costs will be individual to your circumstances. We’ll advise you if you’re liable for any them once we know the extent of the estate.

Court of Protection

The solicitor’s fee, which is fixed by the court, is £950 + vat. There is also a £400 court fee although, depending on your income, you may qualify for exemption / remission and a doctor’s medical report costs in the region of £150 - £250. There are other ongoing court administration fees that are payable on an annual basis which we can also advise you on.

Lasting Power of Attorney

We charge £395 + vat to set up a single Lasting Power of Attorney. There’s also an additional charge of £82 which is payable to the Office of Public Guardian, the regulatory body, as a registration fee. 

For couples who set up their LPAs, it’s £550 + vat. As it’s for two people, two Office of Public Guardian registration fees will be payable.


If you don’t already have a Will, you should consider getting one. By drafting your Will, you’ll ensure your assets go to your loved ones and not the state.

The team at Russell & Russell are qualified Will writers, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. We can draft your Will from just £165 + vat for a single Will and £295 + vat for a double, or mirror, Will. And, should your circumstances change, we can also help you make alterations to your Will.