Getting points on your licence or a driving ban is not only inconvenient, but it could have far reaching consequences on your life. You may be at risk of losing your job or your livelihood if you lose your licence. Here’s some questions you might have:

Also referred to as a NIP, a Notice of Intended Prosecution is a formal notification that the police are considering whether to prosecute you for a driving offence. If you receive a NIP, you should to speak to us so we can advise you of what your options are and guide you through the legal process.

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for legal aid and if you are, we can help you apply. That said, it’s unlikely that you’ll get legal aid if you’re charged with what’s known as a ‘summary only’ offence. These are cases that can only be heard in Magistrates court, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to stop after an accident
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving a vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit for alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to provide a specimen
  • Careless driving
  • Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence

In these instances we charge by the hour and these costs are outlined below:

  • Partner = £250 p/hour plus vat
  • Solicitor = £220 p/hour plus vat
  • Non-qualified staff = £150 p/hour plus vat

Cases have their own facts and circumstances. We can offer our services on a fixed fees basis, but we'll take into consideration the complexity of the case to assess your plea. If it transpires that your case can be dealt with on a fixed basis, then our costs for summary only motoring offences are as follows:

  • One hearing for a guilty plea and mitigation or first attendance  entering not guilty plea and arranging a trial date, our fixed fee ranges from £350 - £750 plus vat
  • Attendance at a single hearing to deal with a guilty plea and mitigation. Where the court is over 30 minutes from our nearest office, our fixed fee ranges from £500 - £1,000 plus vat

The costs above are based on an approximation of three hours preparation and attendance time, in addition to representing you at one court hearing.

  • Exceptional hardship hearings/summary trial from £800 - £1,250 plus vat per day

In the event that we act on a fixed fee basis on your behalf at the first hearing and your case is adjourned to another date – for a sentence hearing, a trial or a special reasons/exceptional hardship argument, for example – our hourly rates may apply for any subsequent hearings, dependent on the complexities of the case but, in general, the figures above are applied. You'll be fully advised on any differential in advance of costs being incurred.

If you’d like to discuss a fixed fee option that isn’t defined above, we’d be happy to discuss your case with you. Our team is vastly experienced in these types of offences, having had success at all levels, including Appeal. 

Many so called expert firms simply take your instructions and brief a Barrister to conduct the hearings for you on a fixed fee at a fraction of the fee you've paid. Unlike these firms, we won’t farm out your case to a third party; we're qualified to appear in both the Magistrates and Crown Court for Appeals, so call us to find out how we can help you.

It depends on the offence, or the combination of offences you’re accused of. Mandatory disqualifications tend to involve matters such as dangerous driving or driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Also, if you get 12 or more points on your licence within three years (commonly known as totting up) you can be banned. The exception to this is if we can argue ‘exceptional hardship’ on your behalf.
If you’re facing a driving ban, the court may choose not to take away your licence if there’s a good reason why you would face exceptional hardship if you lost it. Reasons of exceptional hardship can include you losing your livelihood if your driving licence is revoked or if you have a dependent relative who relies on you for transport.

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